Creative double act seeks independent brands for good

We love visionaries - people with stories worth telling.

We want those stories, experiences and touchpoints to strike a chord with your audience and help raise your game.

Whether you're starting from scratch or improving on what you've already got, we can do as much or as little as you need.

We're advisers to some, producers to others...

Bath Literary Agency

Kid's literary agent

Bettina Archer Aston & Wilton Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

Bespoke Identities


Book launch animation

Fungimental Black Bough Watches

Ecommerce websites

Paddington Works Paddington Works Interior Paddington Works Interior

Branding & Environment

Packaging Design

Packaging design

Black Bough Mug

Brand products

Glove Factory Studios Twenty Twenty Gallery Bridge Bakery & Canteen Digby & Gray

Bespoke websites

Little Thai Hampstead

Visual identity

Flavour Head Flavour Head Advertising

Brand development

Great Western Studios

Incidental wayfinding


Let's make it good.

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Gordon Langley
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